We would like to thank the 203,000 fans that did not pre-order our album and receive “Ripped” in advance until today when the album finally become available!  We also want to shout out the 50,006 fans that did not pay more than the $1 price tag in support of your favorite local band!  And one last shout out to the 512,653 fans that did not buy the album the minute the clock struck 1am eastern time on the 13th!  We want to thank everyone for helping EViL ME make history as the slowest, lowest in demand, worst selling, underground band in history!  Hitting the charts in reverse is just as nice! 

Fuck it, we are taking it down, we are no longer selling this album!  It is just to good for human consumption!  This shit could have cured cancer, you will never know now cause it is gone!  Do not click that link, there is nothing there now!  From now on we are only doing shows for ourselves to ourselves cause only we are good enough and worthy of hearing Gods gift to pornographic metal!